Brekeke PBX



Brekeke PBX consists of SIP IP-PBX software that provides full PBX features available to the current business phone systems. Here is a list of Brekeke PBX benefits:

  • Sophisticated PBX functionality
  • True Multi-Tenancy*
  • Robust and High-Performance IP-PBX software
  • Scalable up to 5,000 users per server
  • Supports Microsoft Windows and Linux OS
  • Software developed by in-house engineers
  • Additional support and customization available with a separate contract
* Available in MT Edition only

Supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Brekeke PBX supports the industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Supporting SIP allows Brekeke PBX to ensure interoperability with existing devices and services in today’s market, as well as any that may come in the future.

Sophisticated PBX Functionality

In addition to its ease of installation and maintenance, Brekeke PBX offers sophisticated telephony functions that meet the full spectrum of business requirements, from basic office communications to advanced call center operations.

True Multi-Tenancy

Brekeke PBX’s Multi-Tenant feature allows service providers or system administrators to maintain one infrastructure for their entire service. Individual tenants are divided by virtual partitions, each of which stores all of the individual tenant's data, configurations and customized settings. In addition to having an IP-PBX platform that provides centralized control for all tenants and users, each tenant still has individual control of configurations and settings as if they were hosted on a single dedicated server.

Superb Scalability

Whether your deployment requirements are for 20 users, 5,000 users or more, Brekeke PBX gracefully scales up to meet all of your needs. Adding user capacity or optional features to Brekeke PBX will complete the upgrade, eliminating the need to switch telephony products during times of growth.

Endlessly Customizable

Brekeke PBX offers various tools, plug-ins, software developer kits and control libraries that allow application developers to create the most flexible and effective solutions for their needs. These development tools provide the means to invent powerful new applications or to integrate customers’ legacy applications and services with SIP telephony connectivity through Brekeke PBX.

Simplified Administration

Brekeke PBX's browser-based management system offers convenience in both navigating and configuring the setup and maintenance process. This system allows easy access for administrators to make changes to the full system. For administrators the administrative tool provides access to all user information, Call Logs, ARS settings, Active Call Sessions, Network configuration settings and much more. It also gives individual users access to change their personal PBX extensions and voicemail settings.

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