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Brekeke PBX WebRTC Setup - Network Diagram

Quick and Easy Collaboration and Customer Service

Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) provides easy integration and deployment of voice and media communications across a variety of platforms. With WebRTC support on Brekeke PBX, companies and service providers can let their website visitors make phone calls or video calls with a single click on their browser. By using a WebRTC-compatible web browser, communication can be established instantly without leaving the website users are visiting. There’s no need for users to install any plug-ins or client software.

WebRTC Is a Secure Method of Communication

Since WebRTC utilizes a web browser as a platform, there is no need for customers or users to download software, which can be a primary source of security threats, such as viruses, malware, and spyware. This reason alone is a very good incentive to use WebRTC. Moreover, WebRTC uses the Secure RTP (SRTP) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) for encryption for both voice and media communications, making difficult any attacks from hackers.

Cost Effective and Better Collaboration

Using WebRTC and Brekeke PBX as voice and video communication systems can save a significant amount of money for companies and service providers. Compared to any enterprise communication system that provides similar functionality, the cost of the system is shockingly low. Also, since WebRTC supports device independence, there is no need to prepare everything in one platform. Users and customers can use any devices that they own, and the communication will be connected regardless of operating system or devices. If a company already has a Unified Communication (UC) system installed, WebRTC and Brekeke PBX can be deployed in addition to their existing service, allowing more flexibility for employees to be connected and to collaborate.

WebRTC and VoIP

When WebRTC is used with a VoIP/SIP system, it advances communications for users and customers. As most companies and call centers use VoIP systems for their telecommunications, their existing system can be quickly integrated into web-based services or applications. The simplest example of this is to have a video or audio chat button on a company’s website that is connected to their call center system. Once the video or audio button is pressed on the website, the communication will be sent directly to the call center system. With Brekeke PBX, this can be done for a small company using Brekeke PBX as their office phone system, or for call centers using Brekeke CCS as their call center platform product.

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