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The automated provisioning function allows configuration of SIP phones with predefined settings and information. Brekeke PBX supports the auto-provisioning function that works with multi-vendor SIP phones. Predefined settings and information are stored at the provisioning server, and each SIP phone device connects to the provisioning server once it is installed in a network.

BEFORE: Typical PBX setup with separate provisioning servers

Auto Provisioning - Network Diagram

AFTER: Brekeke PBX with auto-provioning

Auto Provisioning - Network Diagram

Secure communication and privacy protection

Using the embedded provisioning function minimizes the risk of leakage of network information, passwords, or user information. As all maintenance is centralized and done remotely, there is no need for an office administrator to know the password of the SIP accounts or to login the phone settings.

Additional security

Brekeke’s automated provisioning supports HTTPS or proprietary security protocol of each phone manufacturer. Moreover, it can limit access from unknown IP addresses.

Save time and cost for setting up SIP phones

This is the most obvious benefit of using the auto-provisioning function. By allowing configuration of SIP phones to be done automatically by the auto-provisioning function, it tremendously reduces the time and cost of setting up SIP phones. Moreover, the error caused by manual setup will be eliminated. For phone devices that support redirection (pre-provisioning), no settings at phone devices are necessary. All configurations and settings will be sent to each phone via each manufacturer’s provisioning site. For other phone devices, the provisioning server’s IP address needs to be specified.

Quick initial setup using templates

Brekeke PBX offers templates for major SIP phone models. Using the templates makes setting up SIP phones a breeze!

Maintenance and monitoring SIP phones remotely

Future updates or maintenance can be processed remotely via a web-based interface and in one sitting once the provisioning server is set up for SIP phones. As the settings are updated remotely and quickly, interruptions of services or usage are minimized.

Monitoring status of SIP phones on web-based interface

All configured SIP phones’ status can be reviewed at Brekeke PBX admintool. The system administrator can confirm the pending provisioning requests that may require resetting or retry.

Instant PBX account creation with provisioned phones

The system administrator can set up Brekeke PBX to automatically create a SIP account when a SIP phone has been set up using the provisioning function.

Multi-Tenant support

Brekeke PBX’s auto-provisioning supports multi-tenant settings, allowing different predefined configurations for each tenant.

Import/Export settings

Pre-defined auto-provisioning settings can be imported or exported from Brekeke PBX admintool.

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