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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


What is Interactive voice response (IVR)?

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows a telephony system to interact with callers. The feature is widely used for customer service centers and enterprise to direct calls to destinations or to provide services and information. The IVR designer function* of Brekeke PBX allows system administrators to quickly create call flows using Brekeke PBX’s template modules.

IVR Desinger - Screenshot

Web-based IVR design interface

Brekeke PBX’s IVR design has a web interface where system administrators can design flow using visual icons. This feature is especially helpful when creating a more complex and long IVR call flow. The IVR designer helps system administrators visualize the call flow while creating or editing the flow.

Abundant module templates to create custom call flows

Brekeke PBX’s IVR designer is equipped with module templates that cover a wide range of functions used with IVR systems, from the most commonly used to the more sophisticated functions used by call centers. Creating a call flow with the template module is simple and quick: simply drag and drop the module into the call flow screen. The visual interface will help plan the most effective call flow and minimize any errors.

Creating custom modules for custom requirements

For cases in which the basic module templates do not fulfill unique requirements, a system administrator can write a module using JavaScript. Once a custom module has been created, the template can be added to the list of modules and applied to the call flow screen with the drag-and-drop technique, as with any other template modules.

Import/Export IVR flows

All call flows or custom module templates can be exported or imported to any Brekeke PBX. This function is very useful when multiple servers host IVR services and for backing up custom call flows for future use.

Ready for integration

The module for database access and SOAP client that are commonly used are available in the standard module templates.

Easy integration with PBX users and use of PBX functions

As IVR designer is an embedded function of Brekeke PBX, using PBX function on IVR call flow is easily achieved. For example, a recorded message left at one of the call flows can be forwarded or stored in the extension as a voicemail message.

Standard (pre-set) module list:

Basic module template

  • Prompt
  • Voice recording (file)
  • Voice recording (voicemail)
  • Voice recording (prompt)
  • DTMF input
  • Answer
  • Response 18x
  • Call transfer
  • Cancel call transfer
  • Disconnect
  • Reject
  • Script
  • Retry counter
  • Reset retry counter
  • Jump to flow
  • SQL query
  • SOAP
CCS module template
  • Call transfer from queue
  • Position in queue
  • Wait for silence (AMD)

* To use the IVR designer feature, the IVR option has to be enabled (paid option) in Brekeke PBX license.
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