Brekeke SIP Server



Brekeke SIP Server is a SIP proxy registrar server that comes with unprecedented reliability and robust performance. The benefits of using Brekeke SIP Server include:

  • Supports SIP (RFC 3261 Standard)
  • IPv4, IPv6 support
  • UDP, TCP, TLS*, WebSocket(WS,WSS)support
  • Push Notification (Apple Push Notification service and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)) support
  • Block list feature to protect and prevent from SIP attacks
  • SDN (OpenFlow) support
  • SIP NAT Traversal
  • High availability and redundancy setup*
  • Exceptional reliability and performance
  • Incomparable rate of interoperability with SIP products
  • Flexibility in setting Dial Plan to meet a wide array of requirements
  • Supports Microsoft Windows and Linux OS
  • Software developed by in-house engineers
  • Additional support and customized engineering work available with a separate contract
* Available in Advanced Edition only

Features Offered by Brekeke SIP Server

Registrar Service

Brekeke SIP Server receives REGISTER requests from SIP UAs and updates its database accordingly. With the registrar function, you can receive calls from any SIP UA using your unique SIP-URI.

Call Routing

Brekeke SIP Server routes SIP requests from a SIP UA or from other servers to the most appropriate SIP-URI address based on its registrar database and Dial Plan. Brekeke SIP Server supports the SIP redirect feature, which allows servers to redirect a request back to a SIP UA.

IPv6 Support

Brekeke SIP Server supports both IPv4 and IPv6, which allows deployment of the SIP server with either IPv6 or a combination of both IPv4 and IPv6.

WebSocket Support

Brekeke SIP Server has added WebSocket support from version 3.4. With this additional support, service providers using Brekeke SIP Server can offer their customers real-time voice, video and data communication via web browser, without installing any plug-ins or applications.

NAT Traversal

Brekeke SIP Server enables SIP UAs behind the NAT to talk with other SIP UAs, including video over NAT traversal. Using NAT-enabled firewalls ensures the level of security that users require, while providing the ability to make media calls over the Internet between different networks.

Dial Plan

With a Dial Plan, you can use regular expressions to define matching or filtering rules for headers and IP addresses in SIP packets. Brekeke SIP Server’s Dial Plan increases compatibility between SIP-compliant products and provides additional options for creating complex call routing.


By specifying authentication settings on REGISTER or INVITE requests, you can limit the calls that go through Brekeke SIP Server. The Authentication Plug-in is also available for those who wish to use an existing user directory service.

Session Management

Real-time session management is available through Brekeke SIP Server's Administrative tool. Use it to view session status or to terminate active calls manually.

Push Notification

The Push Notification feature allows sending real-time notifications on smartphone devices and tablets, alerting incoming calls or missed calls. With v3.4, Brekeke SIP Server supports Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS device.


Brekeke SIP Server can detect a UPnP-enabled router and control it remotely for NAT traversal.

Upper/Thru Registration

Upper/Thru Registration, Brekeke SIP Server's original function, allows for easy configuration of parallel users of pre-existing servers or other SIP servers. With this feature, you can take advantage of SIP communication through ITSP lines or third-party SIP servers.

Multiple-Domain Hosting

Brekeke SIP Server can host multiple domains on one server installation. This feature allows users to manage multiple domains under a single server setup.

Features Available only on Advanced Edition

This Advanced Edition of Brekeke SIP Server provides a comprehensive set of features and capabilities for environments that require high performance, high availability (redundancy) and higher-security communications.
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