Brekeke SIP Server

Advanced Edition


This Advanced Edition of Brekeke SIP Server provides a comprehensive set of features and capabilities for environments that require high performance, high availability (redundancy) and higher-security communications.

Advanced Features and Benefits

Multiple-Target Failover

When Brekeke SIP Server cannot access the destination server or SIP device, the SIP server will route the call to the secondary server or SIP device that you specify in this configuration. By implementing this feature, service providers can offer a high availability of service for their users, who will experience seamless connectivity without any interruptions or service failures.

TLS Support

TLS Transport Support has been included in Brekeke SIP Server since version 3.0. By combining TLS and improved Dial Plan settings, Brekeke SIP Server offers securer SIP communications.

Session Mirroring

The Mirroring feature requires two Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Editions called the primary server and the secondary server (as a backup server). The primary server will mirror its SIP session data and registration data to the secondary server in real time. Then if the primary server goes down, the secondary server can take over the service seamlessly with the mirrored data. More information on Brekeke SIP Server’s mirroring feature is available at SIP Redundancy for High Availability SIP services.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Brekeke SIP Server can host multiple domains on a single server. This feature allows service providers to manage multiple domains under one server setup.

Web Service/SOAP Client Interfaces

The Web Service/SOAP Client provides Web access interfaces that collect information from Web services. By allowing providers to combine services and tools that are available on the Internet in order to take advantage of their unique capabilities and features, this interface provides the most customization and specialization options for each service provider.


The Alias feature adds the ability to carry a number of variables inside a SIP message. With this feature, service providers can assign or allow personalization of user numbers and SIP URIs (domains), or allow the creation of speed dial numbers.

Customized User-Agent/Server Headers

The SIP Server Advanced Edition adds the ability to change User-Agent/Server headers.

Performance Comparison: Advanced Ed. vs. Standard Ed.

Memory Usage (Click image to enlarge)
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REGISTER: Number of Threads (Click image to enlarge)
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REGISTER: Request Process Time (Click image to enlarge)
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