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April 29, 2015
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke Introduces Latest Version of Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX v3.4

Brekeke adds WebRTC and Push Notification support to advance SIP real-time communication with mobile device users

San Mateo, CA, April 29, 2015 -Brekeke Software, developer of SIP software for enterprises and service providers, today announces the release of a new version of Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX. By adding WebRTC support in this new version, Brekeke has extended real-time communication capabilities, not only on SIP-enabled telephone networks, but also on mobile devices and web browsers. Also, responding to a great demand from mobile users, Brekeke has added push notification support to their Brekeke SIP Server.

“We like how WebRTC was created with a notion of openness, allowing communication between devices from a variety of manufactures with different platforms on a common protocol. From the very beginning of Brekeke, we have felt that it is important to create products that promote open communications, especially in an industry where brand-dependent services and products are so prominent,” said Shin Yamade, Brekeke’s CEO. “We couldn’t be happier to announce this update because it truly represents our mission to provide our users with products and services that are straightforward, solid and reliable,” added Yamade.

The notable feature that has been added to this new version of Brekeke PBX is WebRTC support. WebRTC allows companies and service providers to enable their users to communicate instantly via web browsers or mobile devices. Best of all, users of Brekeke PBX can enjoy real-time communications regardless of the devices or operating systems that others are using to connect. With WebRTC support on Brekeke PBX, companies and service providers can keep all communications on SIP-enabled telephone networks, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity in communications and reducing their communication costs.

The push notification support of Brekeke SIP Server is another great example of Brekeke’s mission to provide reliability. With push notification support, users of Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX can receive real-time notifications on their smartphones anytime, even when the SIP phone application is inactive. Moreover, Brekeke’s push notification support reduces the number of missed calls due to mishandling of smartphones. Unlike many other SIP telephone systems that support push notifications, Brekeke SIP Server is able to hold the session open until the smartphone is available to receive calls. This is not only useful, but essential, especially since many applications take time to start up. With Brekeke’s WebRTC support, your users will never lose another push notification just because an app or smartphone isn’t running. Brekeke plans to continue adding push notification capabilities to various PBX features that will improve usability of our products and services.

About Brekeke SIP Server
Brekeke SIP Server provides a SIP-based communication platform for a wide variety of professional services and communications. This product offers IPv4/IPv6 support, SIP-over-TCP/TLS/UDP support, security features to prevent malicious intrusion to the system, original NAT traversal functionality and a number of flexible call control functions. Our carrier-class version (Advanced Edition) provides even more security measures with its TLS support, the redundancy feature for high-service availability, increased performance for handling a large number of calls and media streams, and multiple-domain hosting to serve many customers in a single environment. For more information on Brekeke SIP Server, please visit:

About Brekeke PBX
Brekeke PBX is a SIP-based, IP-PBX software that creates telephony systems for enterprises and service providers. Brekeke PBX comes in three editions: Single-tenant, Multi-tenant (MT) and Contact Center Suite (CCS). Brekeke designed PBX MT Edition to be used as a software platform for hosted telephony service providers with a true multi-tenancy feature. The Brekeke CCS is the latest product derived from Brekeke PBX that provides call capability as well as numerous other features that are required for a full-service contact center. For more information on Brekeke PBX, plese visit:

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