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July 19, 2017
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke Introduces Light Edition of Brekeke CCS designed for Small Call Center

Brekeke Call Center Suite (CCS) is a call center software for building a large-scale contact center and cloud contact center service. This newly introduced light edition is designed for small call centers, equipped with the most essential features of large-scale call centers yet offered in an affordable pricing model to fit the budget of smaller call centers.

San Mateo, July 19, 2017 -Brekeke Software today announced the release of a light edition for their call center software, Brekeke Call Center Suite (CCS). The light edition of Brekeke CCS is designed to provide a call center system at more affordable price yet offer features that are available in expensive large-scale call center systems, such as sophisticated call reporting features and customizable call recording or monitoring features. Furthermore, the light edition has a multi-tenancy feature that can host multiple small contact centers under one server.

The light edition will be perfect for small companies or small divisions of large corporations that require some call center-like services. Like a large-scale call center system, it provides detailed reports for analyzing call activities and customer inquiries. It is also suitable for a project that requires integration with CRM applications or services. The light edition can quickly add call center-like functions for internal sales teams.

“Till recently, owning a call center system meant that you needed to have a big budget and significant upfront investment,” said Shin Yamade, CEO of Brekeke Software. “With this light edition, we can offer arrays of the latest features that are essential to provide high-quality service at a fraction of the price. We want to provide products that fit businesses and services, not the other way around,” continued Yamade.

As with other editions of Brekeke CCS, the light edition supports the following features:

  • Open and use two CRM applications, allowing agents to update the appropriate data on different CRMs according to the customers they are helping.

  • Integration with various manufacturer’s systems and custom CRM systems

  • All of the report functions supported in Standard Edition
  • Migration of old call center systems or CRM to a new platform, so agents will be able to review both new and old systems simultaneously when assisting customers and updating information

For more information about Brekeke CCS, visit the product page at Brekeke’s website:

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