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September 10, 2014
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke Adds WebSocket Support to their SIP Proxy Server

WebSocket support allows providers to offer real-time communication on web browsers using WebRTC.

San Mateo, CA, September 10, 2014 -Brekeke Software, developer of SIP software, has announced the support of WebSocket on their new version (v3.4) of Brekeke SIP Server. With WebSocket support, service providers using Brekeke SIP Server can offer their customers real-time voice, video and data communication via web browser, without installing any plug-ins or applications.

The WebSocket protocol allows bidirectional connections that enable web browsers and servers to have real-time exchanges of live communications through either voice, video or data. By using WebRTC on SIP over WebSocket, website owners can offer real-time communication services on their sites. For live WebRTC communications, Brekeke SIP Server manages the registrations sent from SIP WebSocket clients running on web browsers, handling their call requests as a proxy. This allows visitors to the website to make calls using the SIP WebSocket client through Brekeke SIP Server.

“SIP over WebSocket is becoming one of the major signaling protocol choices for WebRTC. This is especially true when the real-time communication that the website is offering will be connected to an existing telephony system,” said Shinichi Mitsumata, Brekeke’s CTO. “As one of the benefits of using WebRTC with SIP over WebSocket, integration of real-time communications from websites to call centers will be achieved instantly. Previously, this type of integration required some sort of input from the consumer—either a telephone number or the installation of a third-party program. By removing such hazards from the communication process, businesses should expect more inquiries to come in. This upgrade with WebSocket support means that we are at the starting point of such integration,” added Mitsumata.

To meet recent increased demand for building securer communications, Brekeke has also added WebSocket over TLS (WSS) support to this new version. Moreover, with Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition, TLS is available to provide additional security for real-time communication using SIP over WebSocket. For more information about Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition, please visit

Brekeke Software plans to add WebRTC support in the next update of Brekeke PBX, which is scheduled to be released later this year. With this support, visitors to a website with the SIP WebSocket client will be able to utilize IP-PBX call features, such as call conferencing, call recording, etc. Furthermore, the website owner will be able to allow calls from their site to connect to public telephone lines or existing telephony systems, such as an office telephone system or a customer call center, depending on their preference and usage.

About Brekeke SIP Server
Brekeke SIP Server provides a SIP-based communication platform for a wide variety of professional services and communications. This product offers IPv4/IPv6 support, SIP over TCP/TLS/UDP/WebSocket support, security features to prevent malicious intrusion to the system, original NAT traversal functionality and a number of flexible call control functions. Our carrier-class version (Advanced Edition) provides even more security measures with its TLS support, the redundancy feature for high-service availability, increased performance for handling a large number of calls and media streams, and multiple-domain hosting to serve many customers in a single environment. For more information on Brekeke SIP Server, please visit:

About Brekeke Software, Inc.
Brekeke Software, Inc., is an industry-leading developer of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) software products for IP (Internet Protocol) network communications. With a variety of standards-based SIP software, Brekeke products provide a highly scalable and reliable voice and data communication platform for telephony carriers, service providers and enterprises. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California..

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