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November 13, 2013
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke now offers Intrusion Prevention in its SIP products

Proactive and real-time security to prevent any attacks or damages to SIP services with the new version of Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX.

San Mateo, CA, November 13, 2013 -Brekeke Software, developer of SIP software for enterprises and service providers, has today announced the release of a new version of Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX. With this updated version (v3.2), Brekeke strengthens its intrusion prevention and the mitigation of malicious VoIP/SIP attacks.

“With the recent increase of SIP attacks, such as SPIT(*1) and TDoS(*2), we believe it is essential to offer attack detection in our system. But we went one step further and included the Attempt Monitoring feature for dynamic blacklisting in our products. Attempt Monitoring keeps an eye on all activities and protects your services from any malicious attempts. Currently, the Attempt Monitoring feature can be set based on four common events: failed authentication, invalid destination, malformed packet and multiple access,” said Shinichi Mitsumata, Brekeke’s CTO. “Also, by setting a honeypot, a system administrator will be able to catch malicious attempts before they see any damage to their system. And what’s even better is that you can do this in real-time,” added Mitsumata.

With conditional expressions set at the SIP server, a system administrator can create a honeypot to lure a possible attack or unauthorized use of the system, such as number harvesting or toll fraud. Unlike a reactive response to malicious attempts, the administrator does not need to know the source or patterns of activities to prevent harm to their system. By setting multiple conditional rules, it’s possible to create a more secure system that prevents malicious attempts or misuse from outsiders. This protection can be set proactively to minimize the chance of attacks and damages, rather than dealing with problems after they occur.

Moreover, by defining rules for either blocking or trusting certain IP addresses, the Filtering Policy feature can work as a black list and white list. When Brekeke products detect the pattern of a malicious attempt in any of the Attempt Monitoring or Filtering Policy security settings, or in a Honeypot, the source IP address will automatically be added to the black list database, and any other actions that the administrator preset during configuration will be executed as well. This could include notifying other Brekeke SIP Servers to report the incident, updating a firewall's black list and notifying an administrator based on the plugin.

*1) SPIT = SPam over Internet Telephony
*2) TDoS = Telephony Denial-of-Service

To learn more about how to configure the Block List feature, please visit our wiki topic at:

About Brekeke SIP Server
Brekeke SIP Server provides a SIP-based communication platform for a wide variety of professional services and communications. This product offers IPv4/IPv6 support, SIP over TCP/UDP support, security features to prevent malicious intrusion to the system, original NAT traversal functionality and a number of flexible call control functions. Our carrier-class version (Advanced Edition) provides even more security measures with TLS support, a redundancy feature for high-service availability, increased performance for handling a large number of calls and media streams, and multiple-domain hosting for serving many customers in a single environment. For more information on Brekeke SIP Server, please visit:

About Brekeke PBX
Brekeke PBX is a SIP-based IP-PBX system for call centers, enterprises and service providers. Brekeke PBX is available for as few as 20 users with the same feature set as the carrier-size IP-PBX. Brekeke PBX comes in two editions: The Single-Tenant Edition and the Multi-Tenant Edition for hosted telephony services. For more information on Brekeke PBX, please visit:

About Brekeke Software, Inc.
Brekeke Software, Inc., is an industry-leading developer of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) software products for IP (Internet Protocol) network communications. With a variety of standards-based SIP software, Brekeke products provide a highly scalable and reliable voice and data communication platform for telephony carriers, service providers and enterprises. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information, please visit:

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