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April 25, 2012
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Jeron Electronic Systems Confirms Interoperability between Jeron's Provider 790 nurse call system and Brekeke SIP Server

Jeron's Provider 790 VoIP-based communications platfrom now available with SIP wireless phones to offer better mobility and flexibility

San Mateo, CA, April 25, 2012 -Jeron Electronic Systems Inc. announced a partnership with Brekeke Software, Inc. that will integrate the company's Provider 790 nurse call system to enterprise level SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) wireless telephony systems in acute care facilities.

Adding SIP wireless phone integration to Provider 790's VoIP-based communications platform untethers staff from the nursing stations and delivers mission-critical nurse call alerting and communication to mobile caregivers. Provider 790 SIP wireless phone integration functionality includes:

  • Team Nursing Assignments and Rollover - Caregivers are assigned to receive calls only from their patients. If the first caregiver can't respond, the call automatically routes to the next caregiver in the team
  • Facility-Wide Alerting and Mobile Communication - Patient calls route over the facility's LAN to the assigned caregiver's wireless SIP phone. Mobile caregivers can answer their patients' calls from any location within the LAN coverage area
  • Patient Call Information - The caregiver's phone display includes the room number, bed (if applicable), and call priority for patient-initiated calls; caregivers can readily identify patient calls from other phone calls
  • Fast, One-Touch Answering - Pressing the "Talk" button on the SIP phone provides an instant connection to the nurse call intercom station
  • No Blocked Calls - Multiple voice paths on the nurse call and multiple SIP trunk connections ensures that caregivers will always be connected to their patients when pressing "Talk" on a ringing phone
  • No Special Codes to Remember - While communicating with their patient, pressing the "*" key brings up a voice prompt menu of options, such as setting service requirement or upgrading the patient call
  • Remote Service Requirement Setting - After determining their patients needs, caregivers can set a Service Requirement to dispatch the appropriate team member to respond to the patient in person

Leveraging Brekeke SIP Server with Provider 790 makes integrations simpler, more flexible, and lowers costs:

  • Reduced Licensing Costs - The Provider 790 nurse call is seen as smaller collection of SIP trunks (rather than a large collection of SIP endpoints), which lowers SIP licensing costs for the facility's phone system.
  • Uncomplicated Configuration - SIP trunks (as opposed to SIP endpoints) simplify tying Provider 790 to the facility's SIP phone system
  • Broad Choice of Phone Vendors - SIP Trunk integration allows the facility to choose the SIP phone system that best meets its needs

According to Myles Cochran, Jeron's Director of Marketing, reliable wireless communication is a critical tool in providing timely response to patient demands in the hospital environment. "There is a tremendous amount of pressure to maintain and improve the level of patient care. A networked solution for wireless phones increases the efficiency of staff by keeping mobile caregivers in direct communication with their patients."

Shinichi Mitsumata, Chief Technology Officer of the San Mateo, California-based Brekeke Software agrees: "In an environment where patients' lives are at stake, Brekeke SIP Server adds value as a component in Jeron's high-performance Provider 790 nurse call platform. Jeron with our SIP server is a perfect solution for acute care facilities who need advanced and reliable technology in a simple package."

Provider 790 is available through factory-trained and certified Jeron distributors across North America who provide comprehensive, one-stop local services - consultation, integration, and support - to Jeron healthcare customers.

A leader in communications systems for the healthcare industry, Jeron Electronic Systems is the engineering and manufacturing force behind Provider®nurse call systems. Provider systems facilitate communications, speed response times and integrate with a wide spectrum of alerting and notification technologies, all focused on delivering the highest levels of patient care. From its founding in 1965, Jeron has earned a solid reputation for innovation, quality and service. Jeron products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

For more information regarding the Provider®790 communication solution, visit or call 800.621.1903.

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