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Success equals growth in the business world, and today’s definition of growth has nothing to do with antiquated notions of brick and mortar buildings. In today’s economy, growth manifests itself in sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from the traditional outpost to the home office to the coffee shop on the corner. Brekeke is there to help teams remain connected to each other and the home base, no matter how far afield growth allows them to stray.

Such is the case with a leading UK-based cosmetics and beauty retail chain, who has leveraged a Brekeke solution to seamlessly connect headquarters with a workforce of over 250 users dispersed across retail store outlets and satellite home offices. Combine clear, reliable communication with the benefits of streamlined, remote setup and maintenance, and infrastructure has been laid that will accommodate growth that’s anticipated to tip the scales at more than 2,600 users in the future.

SIP Remote Office Telephony System Diagram - Network Structure


Client: International Cosmetics Manufacturer
Location: United Kingdom
Product: Brekeke PBX 500 Pro Edition
Number of sites: 400 retail stores and 200 satellite home offices (1 phone per site)

A retail chain specializing in cosmetics and beauty products in the United Kingdom deployed Brekeke PBX for their corporate communication system linking their retail stores, satellite home offices and corporate headquarter. They currently have about 250 users and are using a combination of Polycom SIP phones and Hitachi Wireless SIP phones with Avaya Definity PBX, VegaStream VoIP Gateway and Brekeke PBX. Each retail outlet has between 2 to 6 users with Polycom SIP phones and each remote home office has one Polycom SIP phone. Brekeke's products will serve this customer well as they scale up to 2,600 users in the future.


Due to the multiple remote locations, there were three major problems they wished to resolve by introducing IP PBX product into their organization. First, remote retail stores and workers in home offices were separated from the main corporate telephone system, preventing smooth communication with headquarters. Second, the maintenance for a telephony system at each retail location was costly and difficult. The company wished to minimize the cost and time for maintaining their corporate-wide telephony systems. Third, the company required a smooth and expeditious implementation for this project because the operation of the retail offices and headquarters could not be interrupted.


By installing IP PBX system, the remote retail stores and satellite home workers received their extension numbers connected to the headquarters. This change was a tremendous benefit for the remote employees making their communication easier and simpler. With Brekeke PBX's web-based administrative tool of Brekeke PBX, the maintenance of the telephony system can be accomplished remotely. This saved time and expense in setting up the telephony system, and reduces costs for daily maintenance. With the high interoperability rate of Brekeke PBX and easy installation, the transition to IP Telephony system was very smooth and quick for the company.

Result and Benefits:

After intensive research, the integrator who has conducted this installation, Buzz Systems, chose Brekeke PBX for this project. The product provides remote maintenance tool as well as easy transition from the old telephony system to a new IP telephony system which customer required. By introducing IP-PBX telephony system into their organization, the corporation was able to take advantages of IP products for connecting remote locations virtually borderless. The Brekeke PBX's web administrative tool allows the integrator to set up retail stores and satellite home offices remotely without interrupting their daily businesses. A feature I would like if it is not there is the ability to email the call logs automatically at the end of each day to an email address.

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